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Global Drug Information Service


Ingalls Hall, 3rd Floor
McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Samford University
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The five main objectives of the SUGDIS:

  • To provide comprehensive, objective, and unbiased information to health care professionals; and ensure high-quality patient care.
  • To provide drug information services to health care institutions for delivery of quality patient care.
  • ┬áTo teach pharmacy students, drug information residents, pharmacists, and other health care providers the skill of efficiently searching the literature, critically analyzing the information, and accurately communicating (both verbal and written) the response.
  • To serve as an information resource center for faculty, students, and health care professionals.
  • To conduct research for the advancement of drug information and pharmacy.

For questions/comments regarding DIC Webpages, contact:

Maisha Kelly Freeman, PharmD, MS, BCPS, Associate Professor and Director, Drug Information Center.

Updated July 2012