About Us

McWhorter School of Pharmacy Values

Christian Faith

We value Christian faith, which encompasses:

  • Supporting the Christian mission of the university
  • Encouraging the exploration of calling in one’s professional and personal life
  • Creating an environment that fosters community and acceptance
  • Providing opportunities for shaping one’s own spiritual formation


We value discovery, which encompasses:

  • Acquiring knowledge relating to pharmacy and medication therapy
  • Applying knowledge to better patients’ health and lives
  • Engaging in teaching and learning that challenges and enlightens
  • Conducting research that contributes to the body of knowledge relating to pharmacy and medication therapy
  • Fostering creativity and inquisitiveness

Patient Health

We value patient health, which encompasses:

  • Caring for the individual patient as well as the population
  • Cultivating patient-centered approach to healthcare
  • Exhibiting compassionate care for the whole person
  • Promoting patient wellness and preventative care
  • Advancing pharmacists’ role in the healthcare team
  • Advocating use of the most effective healing methods
  • Promoting optimal medication use  
  • Improving care for the underserved


We value tradition, which encompasses:

  • Providing rigorous academic inquiry in a Christian setting
  • Promoting distinction in practice that spans generations of pharmacists since our founding in 1927
  • Pursuing excellence in teaching and learning while engaging in quality scholarship and excellence in practice
  • Producing accomplished student and alumni leaders in the pharmacy profession and in local communities
  • Establishing collaboration with local, national, and international partners
  • Recruiting and retaining highly credentialed and qualified faculty


We value relationships, which encompass:

  • Cultivating caring and respectful faculty-student interactions
  • Maintaining involvement with alumni
  • Encouraging student connectedness
  • Providing a community environment for employees
  • Appreciating and supporting external constituents


We value achievement, which encompasses:

  • Striving for excellence in teaching, learning, service, practice, and scholarship
  • Cultivating an environment that encourages personal growth and development
  • Maintaining continuous school accreditation through ACPE since our first site visit in 1940
  • Graduating pharmacists who consistently exceed national averages on licensure exams
  • Promoting life-long learning and an attitude of service to others and the profession


We value professionalism, which encompasses:

  • Demonstrating personal integrity
  • Accepting responsibility for the quality of individual practice
  • Practicing with a commitment to service
  • Serving the needs of both the patient and profession
  • Exhibiting continuously the ethical, moral, and legal principles of our profession
  • Participating in pharmacy organizations to advance the profession